CIAM Partners

CIAM Partners

MCNA is a member of an international alliance of songwriter and composer organizations. These creator-led partners help to share best practice in the battle for authors rights and amplify the voice of music creator all over the world.

The International Council of Music Creators

CIAM was created in 1966 to advocate for the cultural and professional aspirations of music creators. CIAM focuses on economic and legal interests, serves as a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and best practices, and provides practical advice to help musical creators achieve their goals.

CIAM’s mission is to serve as the unified global voice of music creators of all repertoires, and from all regions of the world.

Alianza Latinoamericana de Autores y Compositores

ALCAM is a partnership formed only by authors and composers of Latin America that works daily to promote and create awareness about legitimate moral and economic right of every artist on his work and to receive fair remuneration for their creative work.

Placing value on the work of these authors and composers and defend the contribution they make to their work to the cultural development of all communities to which they belong.

Academy of African Music

Created as an African initiative in 2014, the AMA exists to promote pan-African music from the continent and the diaspora via educational initiatives, professional actions and dedicated awards.

In its work, the AMA builds relationships that defend African authors’ rights, develops partnerships with educational institutions around the world and seeks to federate the many existing bodies and programs across the continent.

Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance

APMA was launched at the World Creators Forum in Beijing in November 2016. It brings together songwriters from across the region and its charter of principles and intentions was signed by creators from 15 countries and territories including Australia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

APMA helps local artists to unite their voices, understand their rights, develop awareness and guide organisations to protect creators and their works.

Fair Trade Music International

The Fair Trade Music movement is dedicated to building an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem that is equitable for everyone in the music value chain. The movement furthers these goals by giving consumers and creators the information they need to make ethical choices when producing, distributing, streaming or purchasing music.

The movement is coordinated and overseen by Fair Trade Music International (FTMI), an independent not-for-profit organization backed by more than 500,000 music creators from around the world.

European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (Associate)

The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) exists to defend and promote the rights of authors of music at the national, European and international level by any legal means.

ECSA advocates for equitable commercial conditions for composers and songwriters and strives to improve social and economic development of music creation in Europe.