MCNA Charter

Purpose and Goals

The central purposes of MCNA shall be to serve as an independent and non-­conflicted advocate and educator on behalf of the music creator community of North America, seeking the protection, enforcement and expansion of the rights and interests of music creators throughout the world. In fulfilling such mandate, MCNA may form further alliances with similarly uncompromised organizations in other territories around the globe, the sole, un-­conflicted interests of which organizations must be to protect and advance the interests of the music creator community.

Membership Criteria and Stipulation of Non-conflicted Interest

In order to qualify as a Member, an organization must be a bona fide music creator protection and/or education organization, currently active in the representation or servicing of the informational and educational needs of a significant number of individual music creators in the territories of the United States and/or Canada.

By joining, Member organizations stipulate that (i) they are run by board members and/or trustees who are elected by organizational members or trustees for reason of their uncompromised willingness to protect and advance the rights and interests of music creators, and (ii) they will always represent the interests solely of music creators, and do so without influence from third parties with competing interests.

Cooperation With Other Industry Segments

It is understood by MCNA Members that the interests of music publishers, record companies, and other copyright assignees in various territories (including North America) may frequently be aligned with those of MCNA Members, and that cooperation with such copyright assignees on issues of mutual concern shall be a central goal of MCNA. However, the advancement of the rights and interests of music creators shall always remain the sole concern of MCNA in any such cooperative arrangement.

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In recognition that property rights and free expression for creators and artists are drivers of economic growth and personal freedoms, MCNA Members do hereby agree to support and promote the following principles:

Fair Trade Music

The principles of this movement are set forth on this page and made a part hereof


To enrich local and world culture through incentives to create and disseminate new and innovative creative works to citizens


To promote the progress of science and creativity by upholding and strengthening copyright laws and preventing their diminishment in all territories


To advance educational programs that teach the value of strong copyright and its vital role in fostering creative expression, driving economic growth, and enriching the lives of citizens


To protect the incentive to create by supporting effective civil and criminal enforcement of copyright laws domestically and internationally


To defend the rights of creators to control their property, understanding the necessary balance of those rights with bona fide public interest principles

Global Development

To encourage the inclusion of copyright protections in bilateral, regional, and multilateral agreements to protect creators and foster global development

Free Expression

To protect the rights of creators to express themselves freely consistent with the principles set forth in The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights


MCNA shall be governed by a Board of Representatives, with each Member organization entitled to designate one representative to cast one vote. Members are free to resign at any time, and/or to issue statements of opposition or abstention regarding positions adopted by a majority vote of the Members. MCNA shall be led by two organizational Co-­Chairs, one representing a US Member organization and one representing a Canadian Member organization, who shall be elected for two year terms by the Board of Representatives in elections to be held every other December commencing in 2012. Such elections shall designate the Member organization as the Co­‐Chair, and such member organization shall have the right to designate the representative or successor representative to so serve on its behalf.

All Alliance meetings shall be cooperatively chaired by the Co-­Chairs, unless otherwise agreed between them. The Members shall adopt by‐laws as a majority of the Board of Representatives sees fit, which by-laws must be approved by at least a two­‐thirds majority for initial adoption. New Members must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Board of Representatives.

Board of Representatives

Eddie Schwartz

President, MCNA

Rick Carnes

Vice president, MCNA

Phil Galdston

John Welsman

Vice president, MCNA

Greg Johnston

Co-Chair, MCNA

Doug Wood

David Wolfert

Charles J. Sanders

Ashley Irwin

Co-Chair, MCNA

Jonathan David Neal

Treasurer, MCNA

Tonya Dedrick

Arun Chaturvedi

Arun Chaturvedi

Starr Parodi

Sabrina Hutchinson

Andrea England

Martine Groulx

Marco Foley

Heather McIntosh

Catherine Joy

Ed Henderson

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