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Supporting North American Creators

MCNA is an alliance of independent songwriter and composer organizations who advocate for, and educate on behalf of North America’s music creator community. Learn more about each of these member organizations below.

MCNA is also a member of the international CIAM Partner Alliance.

Alliance for Women Film Composers

The Alliance for Women Film Composers (AWFC) was founded in 2014 by Laura Karpman, Miriam Cutler, Lolita Ritmanis and Chandler Poling out of a need and desire to raise visibility and create opportunity for female composers. Although women composers have always been writing and creating music, they have historically been overlooked and kept invisible.

The AWFC set out to change the landscape of equity in music for visual media. By creating a directory, events, performances, gatherings, advocacy and partnerships, the AWFC has begun to shift the tide of equity in Hollywood and beyond. What began as a series of conversations, has turned into a powerful engaged community of plural voices committed to inclusion.

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Council of Music Creators

The Council of Music Creators is a non-profit membership organization founded in New York in 2013, and made up of songwriters and composers from across the United States who have joined together to promote and strengthen the right of music creators to control the use of our work and to share fairly in its exploitation. We are a contemporary grassroots organization knit together by common ideology and a desire to preserve the professions of songwriting and composing for the next generation of music creators.

We recognize that changes in the music business are inevitable, and we embrace those that help us reach wider audiences, increase respect for our art, and improve transparency within our business. However, we vigorously oppose changes that enable illegal or unauthorized use of our work, allow others to unfairly benefit-whether directly or indirectly-from its use, decrease transparency in our business transactions, or diminish our right to license our works through the entities we choose.

Screen Composers Guild of Canada

The Screen Composers Guild of Canada is a national association of professional music composers and producers for film, television and media. The organisation’s mission is to promote the music, status and rights of film, television and media composers in Canada, and improve the status of music score composers through promotion, education and advocacy.

First founded in 1980, the Guild also works to improve the quality of music for film, television and media through professional development of its members. It represent the rights and interests of our members with producers, broadcasters, government agencies and other relevant persons and entities.

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Society Of Composers & Lyricists

The Society Of Composers & Lyricists is the nonprofit and primary organization for professional film/TV/multi-media music composers, songwriters and lyricists with a long and distinguished history in the fine art of scoring for motion pictures and television.

The parent organization, the Screen Composers Association, goes all the way back to 1945 with such legendary icons as Max Steiner (Gone With The Wind), Bernard Herrmann (Psycho), Eric Wolfgang Korngold (The Adventures of Robin Hood), Dimitri Tiomkin (High Noon) and David Raksin (Laura).

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Songwriters Association of Canada

Founded more than 35 years ago, the Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) is one of Canada’s leading advocating bodies on behalf of Canadian songwriters.

Led by a board of renown Canadian songwriters and industry experts, the S.A.C. is dedicated to the representation and advancement of our members’ interests at the national, and international levels. We advocate on behalf of songwriters to protect the value of their work.

With over 1,000 current members, including 200+ professionals, the Songwriters Association of Canada provides advocacy, education and community for music creators in Canada and around the globe.

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Songwriters Guild of America

The Songwriters Guild of America is keenly aware that American music has been the backbone of entertainment exports to the rest of the world, a major foundation of America’s gross national product and, most importantly, a cultural touch stone of our emotions, memories and lives.

Since 1931, the SGA has fought to protect songwriters, the music they create and their ability to earn a living for themselves and their families. The SGA carries out its mission in three ways: through its music advocacy on Capitol Hill and elsewhere throughout the world; through services to professional and developing songwriters; and through community outreach via the Songwriters Guild of America Foundation.

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