Representing North American Music Creators

Music Creators North America

Music Creators North America (MCNA) is an alliance of independent songwriter and composer organizations who advocate for, and educate on behalf of North America’s music creator community. In addition, as a member organization of the International Council of Music Creators (CIAM), the MCNA works with sister alliances in Europe, Latin and South America, Asia and Africa to further the interests of music creators throughout the world.

We Speak For Ourselves

MCNA is the only united, internationally-recognized voice of American and Canadian songwriters and composers. Each of our member organizations is run exclusively by songwriters and composers. MCNA stands with over a half-million songwriters, composers and artists in Africa, Asia, Latin and South America and Europe through our membership in CIAM.

It is our collective work that forms the very foundation of the industry that derives its name from what we create: music.

Others may claim to speak on our behalf, but when it comes to discussions critical to the future and well-being of music creators, please keep one simple fact in mind: We speak for ourselves.

Members and international partners

Our People

The leadership of MCNA is made up of experienced songwriters, composers and industry experts. Each brings unique expertise and insight to the committee and helps ensure that the organization remains truely representative of music creators across North America.

Eddie Schwartz

President, MCNA

Rick Carnes

Vice president, MCNA

Phil Galdston

Board member, MCNA


Marvin Dolgay

Board member, MCNA

John Welsman

Vice president, MCNA

Greg Johnston

Co-Chair, MCNA

Doug Wood

Board member, MCNA

David Wolfert

Board member, MCNA

Charles J. Sanders

Board member, MCNA

Ashley Irwin

MCNA Co-Chair

Jonathan David Neal

Board member and treasurer, MCNA

Tonya Dedrick

MCNA Secretary

MCNA Campaign Updates