Resources for Songwriters and Composers

Music Creators North America has a number of member organizations that offer practical advice and tools to help songwriters and composers navigate the music industry. We have gathered a selection of these resources together on this page.

The Music Modernization Act of 2018

Selected Pros and Cons From the Music Creator Perspective. An Analysis By the Songwriters Guild of America.

A Guide to “Buyouts”

Defining, understanding and evaluating the concept of “buyouts” in the transfer & licensing of copyrighted musical works

The S.A.C. Copyright Guide

An overview on acquiring, registering and understanding copyright from the Songwriters Association of Canada

Model Contract Template

The SCGC Model Contract is a set of updated tools to help you negotiate your next deal in the marketplace

Society of Composers and Lyricists

The premier organization for music creators working in visual media

Standard Contract

The Songwriters Guild of America helps to protect songwriters by offering and industry-standard SGA contract