MCNA joins expert panel at Music Biz 2022 event

Music Creators North America was honored this week to join newly appointed Copyright Claims Board officer, Monica McCabe, and copyright expert and panel moderator, Amy Pruett, of the Wills Mullen law firm, on the Music Biz 2022 “CASE Small Claims Act” panel.

Representing our organization at the event was MCNA vice president and president of the Songwriters Guild of America, Rick Carnes, together with MCNA board member, SGA outside counsel and National Music Council Chair, Charlie Sanders.

Both expressed their appreciation at the thanks their organizations had received for pioneering and then persevering over nearly two decades to get the law passed.

It’s no longer necessary to make a ‘Federal Case’ out of every effort to protect your musical works from infringement at a cost of a quarter of a million dollars or more in fees that few if any independent creators can afford. For songwriters and composers, copyright law will no longer be a right without a remedy with the implementation of the CASE Act in the coming weeks.”

– Rick Carnes, MCNA Vice President

Acting together with the US Copyright Office, creator advocacy groups including MCNA, SGA, the Authors Guild, and the US Copyright Alliance (whose support has been key) are holding programs across the US to spread the word about the advantages of the small claims copyright system to songwriters, composers and other creators.

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