A full week of advocacy on behalf of music creators

Members of MCNA and our member organizations spent a a full week in New York recently to advocate for the rights and interests of songwriters and composers. This took place during A2IM’s Independent Music Week, the world’s largest independent music conference.

The objective as always was to halt the mistreatment of music creators and authors by multinational, multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates and their organizational representatives. Today, it is more important than ever to stand together on these issues on behalf of creators.

Photographed above (clockwise from left) are Washington DC legislative consultant, Marla Grossman of the American Continental Group; MCNA board member, Songwriters Guild of America outside counsel, National Music Council chair and university professor, Charlie Sanders; Authors Guild of America president Mary Rasenberger; NYC-based IP litigation expert Ted Sabety; recording artist, songwriter and music rights activist, Michelle Shocked; hit songwriter, arranger and university professor, Nina Ossoff; MCNA vice-president, Songwriters Guild President, hit songwriter and university professor, Rick Carnes; songwriter, recording artist and SGA board member, Janis Carnes; and MCNA co-chair, Society of Composers & Lyricists president and renown composer, Ashley Irwin.

Ashley Irwin also hosted a fantastic evening of music education, creators’ rights discussions, and networking at NYC’s Cutting Room.

(Cutting Room photographs by Da Ping Luo)

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