MCNA in Washington to discuss A.I. and the respect of music creator rights

Music Creators North America joined the Songwriters Guild of America and the Society of Composers & Lyricists were on Capitol Hill and at the US Copyright Office over the past two weeks passionately making the point to members of Congress and the Biden Administration that music creators support new technologies such as AI, but need new protections to be shielded from its drastic misuse.

As noted in our recent communication to the Copyright Office,

New technology surely needs to be welcomed, but must be accompanied by licensing and fair royalty compensation (while retaining current safeguards against infringing acts of outright plagiarism) to satisfy both our culture and our Constitution. Let’s continue our march toward technological and cultural progress by calling the so-called AI ‘training’ process what it really is: unauthorized ingestion of copyrighted works that needs to be licensed and paid for.”

Pictured left to right are SCL president Ashley Irwin, ACG partner Marla Grossman, and SGA outside counsel Charlie Sanders speaking out for music creator rights and protections in the Age of AI.

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